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Want to save on your power bill and a quick return on your vestment?
​    The demand of lighting from an office building represents about 28% to 30% of the energy.
    Convert your T12 lamps and ballast to high efficiency to T8 electronic ballasts along with T8 lamps, the payback is between three to four years!

What is T12, T8 and T5??
 - T12 measurement is 12/8 of inch in diameter of the bulb, it is 1.5" of diameter
 - T12 is old technology (about 70 years old).
 - T8 is 8/8 of an inch in diameter = 1 inch
 - T5 is 5/8 of an inch in diameter.

Here are the advantages of switching from T12 to T8 technology 
 -   Lower energy cost save between 30% to 33%.
 - T8 are brighter than T12
 -  Quiet, T8 do not have the humming sound that T12 has been known to have.

     Bulbs should last between 5 - 6 years in a typical office when they are matched up with the correct ballast.
    Electronic ballast use less wattage than the magnetic ballast.
Producing less heat which in turn the cooling demand is less.
Switching from T12 to T5 will use 45% to 51% less energy than T12.

Energy Savings